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Welcome! I'm Ian Love, a CPA by day and real estate enthusiast by night. Since starting my real estate investing journey in 2011 with a bank owned foreclosure duplex, I have been able to build a $10+ million real estate portfolio in the competitive Seattle market. This was all done while managing a full time job and I am happy to share my strategies and tips for fellow full timers working towards financial independence. My journey has required me to master house hacking, various creative financing strategies, small to midsize multifamily, property management, building a real estate team, and balancing a demanding full time W-2 while investing in real estate. Since 2016 I have also served as the General Partner on multiple successful full cycle syndications totaling 255 units and over $30M in asset value across WA State and Arizona. I am inspired to help other 9-5ers with the strategies and tips I have learned through my own experience so you too can reach financial freedom and get out of the rat race. You can find free content on any of my channels below and for those looking for more in depth analysis on a deal or a strategy call you can book time with me at the link below to make sure you are making the right moves for your future.